About Us

There is something about those friends from childhood…you can go months or even years without talking and when you finally connect again, it’s like no time has ever passed.  We are 7 “girls” from Iowa who have been friends since middle school, some of us have been friends since elementary school.  We’ve been through the ups and downs of life and we truly “get” each other.  After our 20 year reunion, we decided to do a girls weekend every year.  Meggan makes sure that this happens no matter what.  And thank goodness it does.  Girlfriends are the best therapy.  It helps, of course, to add coffee and wine!  We’ve gone to Las Vegas, Okoboji, IA, Kansas City, and Dallas.  When we get together we discuss all aspects of life.  We also share our favorite things.  If we have a product we love, we share it.   We wanted to share it with others, too, especially other 40-something “girls.”