Web Design Kansas City

Do you need a new web design? IDP is our GO TO web design Kansas City agency.

Checkout web design Kansas City company Internet Design & Publishing, Inc. IDP has been building web design projects in Kansas City since 2003. They do really good work. IDP web design specializes in WordPress web design. Over the last few years they have built many successful ECommerce web design projects.

Web Design Kansas City

Brookside East Development, Kansas City

IDP web design office is located on 63rd st in the Brookside East Development. This corridor on 63rd street between Oak and Troost has been developed into a new hip area of Kansas City. Old buildings from the 1940’s – 1960’s have been rehabbed into cool work and play spaces. Office spaces, restaurants, condos, apartments, a brewery, cool shops, and hangouts. Web design Kansas City company IDP moved their business from Lee’s Summit, Missouri to Brookside East in 2020. They are located at:

751 East 63rd Street, Suite 311, Kansas City, MO

Unfortunately, the Kansas City office opening was wrecked by COVID-19.

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Great movie about doing the right thing and making sure everyone is treated fairly

bridge of spiesBridge of Spies.  2015.  

Gotta love Tom Hanks, the epitome of the good guy. He plays an attorney who believes in the core values of America and its constitution. The stoic Russian spy in this movie has a great philosophy. When asked several times throughout the movie if he is worried, he replies, “Would it help?” So true, so true.

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Great movie…even better book!

this is where I leav you movie this is where I leave you book

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I loved this movie. I laughed so hard. He got what he deserved!

the other woman

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Another “little thing” in life that makes me happy

finches feedingfinch food imageLove looking at the finches from the window by my kitchen sink (I spend a lot of time standing there doing dishes!)  The little finches love hanging on this sock/net.  It is so easy to attract finches and they make me so happy (I’m starting to sound like an old bird lady!)

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Love this saying…

little things

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finally found the right color: OPI Bubble Bath

I’ve been looking for a good neutral nail color, something like a french manicure look, only without the tips.  Just something easy that is not super obvious when it chips or wears off.  OPI Bubble Bath matches my skin tone perfectly.  opi

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This soap smells fantastic!

bath bomb from basin whiteJapanese Cherry Blossom Soap by Basin White

I bought this soap in Vegas in a store called Basin White.  I had never been there before.  I got a few of these soaps for gifts.  I love the vegetable glycerine bars of soap.  They look and smell so pretty and are very soft and smooth.  I also bought a few bath bombs (can’t say that in airports!).  The soaps are only 5.99 and the bath bombs are only $4-5.  Great gifts!  Here is the website: http://www.basinwhite.com/

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love this top, with a skirt or jeans

from Anthropologie4112265634803_085_b…also comes in black

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Great movie to watch when you are sick in bed with time to kill

…it’s a long one but it is sensational!the english patient  And it just so happens to be on Netflix now :)

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some of my favorite gifts

Archer Farms Dark Chocolate Espresso Trail Mix index  twigKarma necklace

I’m always trying to think of good gifts to give…something that people actually use! And I really like consumable gifts because none of us need more STUFF!

This dark chocolate espresso is fabulous. Such a treat.  You can get it at Target.  And the kids tend not to like it…so more for the adults! :)

I received this Bath & Body Works pillow mist from my sister-in-law several years ago and now I’m completely hooked on it.  It smells so good and the lavendar and chamomile are supposed to be relaxing…and who doesn’t need help relaxing, right?

I bought this MAC lipstick in the color Twig over the weekend.  It is one of those colors that is supposed to look good on everyone.  It actually looks really good on my 13 year old, but when you’re that young what doesn’t look good? But I thought it would make a great gift for a girlfriend.  Do you know about MAC’s recycle program? Just bring in 6 of your empty MAC containers and you get a free lipstick of your choice (or if you go to a MAC store, they let you choose between a lipstick or an eyeshadow!)

And my sister gave me this delicate Karma necklace and I wear it all the time. I love the saying that comes with it…keep it positive!  It is a little on the pricy side, but would be a good gift for someone close to you like a mom or sister!

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favorite lip colors: one cheap, one splurge

favorite lip color - cheap - Sheer Berry

favorite lip color – cheap – Sheer Berry

favorite lip color - splurge - Fresh Brown

favorite lip color – splurge – Fresh Brown

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cute swimsuit

cute La Blanca TankiniI think this swimsuit is so cute.

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basic black tank and a statement necklace

love this easy look: basic black tank and a statement necklace.

love this easy look: basic black tank and a statement necklace.

So cute…and such an easy look!  Saw this on an email from FABLETICS.  They sell workout clothes designed by Kate Hudson.

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My brittle nails need help!

julepHas anyone tried this product from Sephora?  Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment was touted as a wonder product by the PureWow blog.  My nails take such a beating each day and am hoping this will help them from tearing and cracking so much.  Any other advice?


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Akorn Komodo Kooker


Smoked Brisket

Smoked Brisket

Akorn Komodo Kooker

Not quite ready to shell out for the expensive Big Green Egg, my husband purchased this Akorn Grill.  After a couple of not so stellar outcomes, he smoked a brisket and ribs on Saturday and they turned out great!  I also roasted some sweet peppers.  They were delicious on top of pita chips and goat cheese.  I am looking forward to more grilling adventures.

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one of my favorite sayings

tough times

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another cute top from Nordies

stem_slubanother cute top from Nordstrom.  I have time on my hands, can you tell? My kids are out of town!  This top is more of an army green in person.  It’s cute with capri jeans.  Here is the link

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maxi dress

_8832482(1)My latest purchase…I got it in black and this pretty royal blue.  It is very flattering, and the price was right.    My 15 year old daughter wears it, too–and looks much better than me, but honestly a 40 something gal can pull off this dress easily.   Here is the link.   When will my BFFs from Iowa start blogging?  It’s lonely out here in cyberspace…join me!  xoxo



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invisibelt2invisibelt packageI love the Invisibelt, especially if you are wearing a long top and you don’t want to see the outline of a bulky belt buckle.

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hammie sammies 2

HAMMIE SAMMIES: kids and adults love these.  Great crowd-pleaser that you can make the night before and heat up before you serve them.  You can easily double this recipe.

  • 2 package Hawaiian Bread Rolls (2 dozen)
  • 48 thin slices of black forest or honey ham slices (2 slices per roll)
  • 6 slices of baby Swiss Cheese slices (1/4 slice per roll)

Slice rolls and place ham & cheese between. I use two slices of ham, folded and torn in half to fit the buns.  I also use ¼ of a slice of cheese but you can use more if you want.  Put rolls in 9×13 pan.

Brush sauce over top of rolls–Make sure it gets over all sides.   Cover and refrigerate overnight or bake right away.  Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes until lightly browned.

1/2 stick butter, melted and then stir in the rest of the ingredients
1/2 TB mustard (any kind–I use honey Dijon)
1/2 TB dried onion flakes
1/4 tsp. Worchester sauce
(you can add 1/2 TB poppy seeds, but it’s optional)

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Cute top that I wear all the time


I bought this top in blue and white.  It comes in a ton of colors and is very flattering.  It’s long enough to wear with skinny jeans.  It’s called the Stem High/Low Knit Tunic Top from Nordstrom.  I wear it with a chunky colorful necklace :)


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bought some Collagen at Costco tonight…

I bought this collagen at Costco tonight without really knowing anything about it other than what I read on the package.  I was intending to buy Biotin because I feel like my hair is thinning, my skin is drying up and and my nails are dull and break easily.  So I’m going to give it a whirl.  It got really good reviews.  Here are the the highlights:

  • beauty inside & out
  • amino acids
  • added joint formula
  • maximum absorption
  • stronger hair & nails
  • great for ligaments & tendons

I’ll keep ya posted… ;)collagen

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Forever Friends Ring

forever friends ring

Love, love, love our forever friends rings from James Avery Jewelry.  http://www.jamesavery.com/product/Friends-Forever-Band/157179.uts?keyword=rings+friends

I think of you guys every day and quite often I laugh out loud about our girls trips!  Kin, have your gotten yours yet?

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the best tinted sunscreen

elta MD physical sunscreen

my new favorite sunscreen.  Actually, it’s not new, I’ve been using it for a few years.  But the dermatologist says to use a “physical broad-spectrum” sunscreen. This one is tinted so it doesn’t go on bright white.  I’m trying to encourage my daughter to go into skincare.  Seems like it is a top priority for many people…especially those of us in our 40s!

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