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This soap smells fantastic!

I bought this soap in Vegas in a store called Basin White.  I had never been there before.  I got a few of these soaps for gifts.  I love the vegetable glycerine bars of soap.  They look and smell so … Continue reading

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My brittle nails need help!

Has anyone tried this product from Sephora?  Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment was touted as a wonder product by the PureWow blog.  My nails take such a beating each day and am hoping this will help them from tearing and cracking … Continue reading

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bought some Collagen at Costco tonight…

I bought this collagen at Costco tonight without really knowing anything about it other than what I read on the package.  I was intending to buy Biotin because I feel like my hair is thinning, my skin is drying up … Continue reading

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the best tinted sunscreen

my new favorite sunscreen.  Actually, it’s not new, I’ve been using it for a few years.  But the dermatologist says to use a “physical broad-spectrum” sunscreen. This one is tinted so it doesn’t go on bright white.  I’m trying to … Continue reading

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